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VIDEO: Professor Says Huge Walls Could Stop Tornadoes

A physicist from Temple University proposes three gigantic walls could prevent tornadoes from forming. But many experts disagree.

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Captured In Mexico

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Captured In Mexico

After a 13-year run, one of the world’s most wanted men has been captured.  Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, was apprehended early Saturday morning inside a condominium in Mazatlan, Mexico.  According to reports, authorities had …
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President Obama Arrives In Mexico To Meet With North American Leaders

President Obama Arrives In Mexico To Meet With North American Leaders

In true Hollywood fashion, the red carpet was rolled out for President Barack Obama as his plane landed in Mexico and he walked into the limousine that was waiting for him Wednesday morning.  The President is in Toluca, Mexico for …
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VIDEO: Family-run Oil Firms Squeezed by Natural Gas

Small, family-owned heating oil companies in the Northeast are facing stiff competition from cheap natural gas, with thousands of homeowners making the switch. (Nov. 7)

VIDEO: Chaplain Finds Another Calling, Removing Tattoos

Wayne Heintze, an officer and chaplain at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department in Houston, has found a new calling to help inmates once they get out of jail. He’s now an expert in tattoo removal for ex-offenders. (Nov. 5)

VIDEO: Obama: Vote for McAuliffe Is Vote for Progress

President Obama told Virginians Sunday to choose progress by voting for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Tuesday’s election for governor. Rallying for McAuliffe in Arlington, Obama painted Republican Ken Cuccinelli as beholden to tea party extremism. (Nov. 3)

VIDEO: Solar Eclipse Seen in U.S. and Africa

A rare solar eclipse swept across parts of the US, Africa and Europe on Sunday. Described as a “hybrid eclipse,” some areas were witnessing a total blackout with others experiencing a partial version. (Nov. 3)

VIDEO: Authorities Charge LAX Shooting Suspect

Federal authorities say the man suspected of carrying out Friday’s shooting at Los Angeles International Airport carried a duffel bag containing a handwritten letter signed by him indicating he intended to kill multiple TSA agents. (November 2)

VIDEO: Authorities: Suspected LAX Gunman Charged

Federal prosecutors filed charges of murder and commission of violence at an international airport against the man suspected of carrying out the deadly shooting at the Los Angeles airport. If convicted, Paul Ciancia could get the death penalty. (Nov. 2)

VIDEO: Abortion Law Reinstatement Closes Texas Clinics

A day after a federal appeals court allowed most of Texas’ new abortion restrictions to take effect during a legal challenge, about a third of Texas’ clinics were barred from performing the procedure. (Nov. 1)